name: Torero
date: 2009.06.14
client: treecoronat
intro: Seasoning Tool
2009 American sparkaward product design

This is a set of vessel for seasoning that can hold pepper, salt and cayenne pepper powder. The shape of this stainless steel vessel for pepper and salt assembles ox horn. The red box for cayenne pepper powder can be compared to a red mantle ran after by an ox. The bottom of the ox-horn shaped pepper and salt jar has the lid with magnet. It is very convenient to put the pepper and salt power into it simply by opening the lid. The bottom of the two parts can adsorb each other together by the magnet so that the users don’t need to separate them but only by tilting them a little that the seasoning will fall out through the holes at the top of the ox horn. In addition, when you tilt one side, the seasoning of the other side will not fall out. As the volume of the two sides change gradually, the ox horn’s leaning angle will also change, which will make the ox horn looks like a tumbler. It is very easy for the users to see which kind of seasoning runs out. When the users use the seasoning jar separately, the two parts can be placed into various types of shapes and forms. Besides, the combination of the two parts will make you feel like watching a passionate dance between an ox and a bull fighter.