name: Sushi palette
date: 2008.04.29
client: Concept
intro: Tableware
2008 Incheon International Design Fair 2008- special secetion

This is a personal tableware that highlights the dining experience. As the culinary culture is popular with a lot of people at present, good food seems to be completely artistic, just like the "sado" which is full of Asian culture. If we can enjoy delicious food while incorporate the culture and art into this process, then the dining process will be filled with joy and artistic conception. When we eat sushi, we'll add various spices such as mustard, soy sauce and so on. The colors of condiments are different, pairing up the various colors of sushi, will make the plate in rich colors. When dipping sushi in a variety of spices, it's like making the satisfying taste in a palette. Thus, we designed an out package like gouache paint. we are able to feel the pleasant surprise while tasting delicious food.