Soft Screwdriver

name: Soft screwdriver
date: 2010.09.14
client: TreeCorona

This is a screwdriver design combining the package and function. The main body is made up of rubber and plastic materials (P+R material) with more than 10 column shape rubber pipes arranging side by side. Inside the soft rubber pipe there is the relatively hard plastic stem on which the metal screw shaft can be fixed. In each rubber pipe there is a screw shaft with different sized head. When we use it, open the lid of rubber pipe, take out the suitable screw shaft and fix it on the plastic stem. The soft rubber pipe can be the handle of it and a useful screwdriver is formed. By making use of the product's material property and the structure of this unique form, we can save the outer package material. The side by side arrangement of the rubber pipes is like a bamboo sheet which is light, thin and easy to carry; and soft material is easy to be packed. So it is a material-saving and environment-friendly screwdriver.