name: Drewdrop
date: 2016.05.25
client: futinct
intro: lamp

This is a LED table lamp, can be combined with phone. Lamp shape come from dew gathering on leaves morning, the design looks has a strong rhythm and metrical sense, When the lamp is off, the lamp looks like a plant with morning drew grew on the table, the lighting LED likes many drew hung on the branches when it is turned on, The experience of using need combine with mobile phone APP, it’s can remind you the rest time during reading, you can hear the sound of dripping water every hour, It suggests that people should take a short break from reading or close work at least every hour. User can control lamp brightness with phone, this lamp makes reading fun.

这是一款可以与手机互动的一款LED桌灯,为了让灯具更有生命感,创意来自于清晨凝结了许多露珠的植物形态,LED灯珠结合了露珠的外形,当桌灯不点亮时,整体形态也好比一棵凝结了许多露珠的植物一样生长在桌面上,当点亮时看上去就好比一颗颗在阳光下折射出耀眼光芒的小露珠,看起来桌灯更有生命感, 在使用体验上,可以结合手机上的APP小软件,可以做到提醒用户阅读时间,当使用过一小时后,手机就会发出水滴声音,提示用户可以放松的休息一下,利用手机也可以来操控露珠灯的亮度强弱,伴随悦耳的水滴滴落声音,结合树枝的形态,这款灯具会让用户的阅读更有情趣和生机。