Credit Seal

name: credit seal
date: 2008.06.10
client: Concept
intro: toy
2007 red dot concept design award winner

The credit is necessary for whether children or adults. "Credit Seal" is a game warrant when parent and children are facing promise. The parent may make some promises for their children sometimes, but they shall have been unkept promises for a long time because the promise was made for only children or parent have busy work, therefore the idea of sincerity may be faded for children if it goes on like this, " Credit Seal" is a kind of digital product combining recording with traditional seal, the " Credit Seal" may record the sayings of parent and children are making promise, the names of Party A and Party B and relevant date are printed on the bottom of seal. Every promise is recorded on the paper and is stamped by " Credit Seal", the audio recording in the " Credit Seal" will be extracted in the promise-achieving day. This game is played as if the signing of contract between adults. The children may understand the game rules between adults through this game and a high value will be set on the sincerity and credit.