name: Breath
date: 2007.07.01
client: futinct
intro: a kind of cushion
2014 red dot concept design award winner

People may carelessly hurt their fingers when they strike a nail with hammer. Sometimes the nail is so short and small for our fingers to hold that they are more easily to be hurt. The cushion is designed to avoid the fingers being hurt when striking nails. The tiny hole on it draws the user close to safe operation and provides more contacts between the product and the user.It is made of an elastic transparent rubber in whole with a simple frame, on which an X-shaped holes of various size are cut according to nails' diameters. Before we strike a nail on a wall or board, we first plug the nail into an X-shaped hole of the cushion and hold its lower part. This leaves a bigger space between fingers and the nail, which helps reduce possibilities of hurting fingers. Moreover, it is convenient to use the thin and light cushion regardless of the nail's length and size.